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St. John's University

Public Safety SupervisorĀ  at St. John’s University

Responsible for the supervision of public safety officers under your command: Prepare assignments and conduct roll calls for officers , responsible for the detection and reporting of safety hazards on University property; enforcement of University regulations; Conduct investigations and report all criminal offenses committed against the University: assists members of the University community, visitors and guests to the campus. provide latest campus information to subordinates. Train subordinates as needed. Inspect all reports from subordinates and correct them as needed.

  • Supervise Public Safety officers during an assigned shift and assure all University policies and procedures are followed
  • Maintain continuous communication with Public Safety Officers, Building attendants and supervisors
  • Monitor the department radio frequency at all times
  • Respond to all campus emergencies, crimes in progress, fire alarms and serious medical emergencies
  • Coordinate all activity and the scene of an emergency
  • Direct subordinates as needed
  • Inform executive staff in a timely manner concerning major incidents
  • Provide a high level of customer service while interacting with university community
  • Assist in the coordination and patrol of special and sporting events as required
  • Responsible for assembling/disassembling metal detectors for required events
  • Patrol University grounds, both on and off campus in a patrol vehicle
  • Protect against illegal entry to University buildings, identify trespassers on University property
  • Directs subordinates to secure/open University facilities according to existing schedules
  • Must be proficient in the use of all access control systems deployed on campus
  • Ensure that all blotters are signed as prescribed and that officers memo books are kept up to date
  • Ensure that all department I.T. systems are operating correctly, make notifications for defects
  • Monitor campus activities and supply subordinates with latest information
  • Maintain a clean command center and ensure locker rooms and lunch areas are clean
  • Plans, develops, and coordinates Public Safety activities
  • Coordinates security, parking, and other emergency response issues
  • Prepare performance reviews for all Public Safety officers under his/her direct supervision
  • Assist in the administration of the department as required or requested
  • Provides specific training to fellow officers in specialized job related areas
  • May be responsible for the training and supervision of student employees
  • Conducts inspections of department equipment and vehicles
  • Plans, develops, and coordinates programs and services that increase student, faculty, staff, and community safety awareness
  • Works with local law enforcement agencies and emergency management agencies to address problems
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement crime prevention and community policing programs and projects
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with various staff and administrators campus wide
  • Provide campus wide escorts when called upon
  • Maintain a working relationship with the surrounding community
  • Provides information, directions, and assistance to visitors, students, and employees
  • Must have a strong working knowledge of the campus parking rules and regulations
  • Must be proficient in the issuance of parking permits and StormCards
  • Must be proficient in the use of the Supervisor override program and visitation systems
  • Must be proficient in the use of the campus wide CCTV system
  • Must be able to perform basic troubleshooting on all programs in use by the department



  • High school Diploma Required
  • A Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience in security or law enforcement
  • Excellent customer skills are required
  • Must have strong communication and writing skills and requires strong customer service values


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