Safety Officer Jobs Interview Question & Answer, Must Read

Safety Officer Jobs Interview Question & Answer 2018

Preparing for safety officer jobs, here the most recently asked question and answer with short to short and easy language, read this and track your dream jobs.

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What is attitude?


Attitude may be described as continuous human behavior. If man’s behavior is good, then his action will be either correct or safe.


What is emergency planning?


Emergency planning can be defined as a control measure. It can control the accidents safeguard people and provide information to media.


What is work permit system?


Work permit system is a “ written documents” for permission to undertake a job by area in charge or it is written document issued by the area in charge to the performer to undertake the specific job.


What is work at height?


Any work above 2 meters from the ground is caused work at height.


What is confined space?


An area which is small and enclosed or an area where one entry and exits or where a man cannot work comfortably in any location is caused confined space.


What is excavation?


Marking a hole or tunnel by digging the ground by man or machine is called excavation.


What is scaffolding?


It is a temporary platform constructed for supporting both men and materials and working safety at a construction site.


What is welding?


The process of joining of metals either by electrical or by gas is called welding


What is gas cutting?


The process of joining of cutting metals by using oxygen and combustible gas is called gas cutting.


What is sandblasting?


The process of removing rust dust, dirt, scales and old prints from the old surface using compressed air is called sandblasting.


What is painting?


The process after sandblasting is called painting.


What is LEL?


The minimum concentration of vapor, gasses, and dust in air below which propagation of flame does not occur on contact with a source of ignition is called LEL.


What is UEL?


The maximum proportion of vapor, gasses, and dust in the air above which proposal the flame does not occur on contact with a source of ignition is called UEL.


What is manual handling?


The process of lifting, carrying and stacking materials by men is called manual handing.


What is housekeeping?


Housekeeping means not only cleanness but also the orderly arrangement of operations, tools, equipment’s storage facilities and suppliers.


What is (ppe) personal protective equipment?


It is equipment’s used to project the person from hazards such dust, dirt, fumes, and sparks etc. It is the barrier between hazard and person.


What is grinding?


A grinder is a portable machine with a wheel guard in position to reduce the danger.


What is Crane?

A tall machine used for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm with a hook.


What is forklift truck?


The forklift truck is designed to handle heavy loads.


What is JSA OR What is Job Safety Analysis?


The procedure of analyzing job for the specific purpose of finding the hazards and developing.


What are the duties of a safety officer?


  • Prepare toolbox talk
  • Prepare monthly statistics
  • Prepare the checklist
  • Accident reports
  • Management meetings
  • Arrange the safety classes/training
  • Arrange monthly safety bulletin
  • Inspection of fire extinguisher
  • Arrange first aid training classes
  • Arrange safety competitions like quiz, slogan, poster
  • Competitions exhibition etc.

What are the duties of a supervisor?


He has to instruct these workers about the work methods and procedures.

He has to maintain discipline among the workers

He has to supply necessary materials

He has to control quality and cost of the job

He has to guide has workers in doing a job in the correct and safe way

He has to supply suitable personal protective equipment to his workers

He should conduct periodical safety meetings.

He should conduct the safety inspection of his working area

He should know about the firefight equipment

He should know how to investigate an accident and find out the causes of the accident.


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