Assignment Abroad Times pdf today – 12 June 2024

Assignment Abroad Times pdf today - 12 June 2024

Assignment Abroad Times pdf today – 12 June 2024, Download the pdf online for free


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Were you looking for lucrative overseas employment opportunities with high-paying jobs? Look no further than Assignments Abroad Times, the premier weekly newspaper specializing in job updates for international assignments. With over 10,000 job vacancies updated weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Assignments Abroad Times is your go-to source for the latest career opportunities abroad.

Established since February 27, 1993, Assignments Abroad Times has been a trusted name in the industry. Founded by Dr. N Radhakrishna Pillai (NRK Pillai), who serves as the Chairman of Aishwarya Publications Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India, and also holds the position of Chief Editor of the publication, it has consistently provided valuable job updates for aspirants seeking overseas employment.

How can I access the latest job updates?

Simply subscribe to the Assignments Abroad Times Newspaper ePaper PDF, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of skilled and non-skilled job vacancies. Whether you’re looking for skilled positions or labor jobs, Assignments Abroad Times has you covered. By registering and subscribing to their affordable monthly plan priced at just Rs. 149, you gain access to view all job listings conveniently.

Is the subscription worth it? Absolutely!  yes

Assignments Abroad Times ePaper is the leading jobs portal for overseas employment opportunities. With a vast array of vacancies and a large subscriber base, it benefits both employers and job seekers alike. Employers can advertise their job openings and attract quality candidates, while job seekers can fulfill their aspirations of landing their dream jobs in the Middle East or European countries.

Don’t miss out on your chance to explore exciting career prospects abroad. Subscribe to Assignments Abroad Times today and take your career to new heights! Visit the official website to learn more and start your subscription journey.

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